Hiroo Hearth Harmony Bar Chair - Slide Black (H)

Article code CSS160-TER-BFA
Ascend to new heights of style with the Hiroo bar chair, a taller twin to the beloved dining chair, offering the same modern elegance and versatility. Available in seven fine-weave polyester fabrics, it ensures comfort and durability. With its black metal
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Fabric Selection

Adorn your bar area with a chair that comes in a spectrum of seven chic colors. Each fabric, from the tranquil Whisper Wheat to the rich Groovy Garam, is chosen for its fine-weave polyester that promises both tactile comfort and the durability to withstand the rigors of daily life. The fabrics offer a visual and sensory delight, ensuring that the chairs are not only functional but also integral to your décor.

Design and Comfort

The Hiroo bar chair's design prioritizes comfort with a supportive backrest and seat that invite you to linger over your morning coffee or evening cocktail. Its silhouette is sleek yet inviting, a statement piece that complements any contemporary kitchen or bar setting.

Stature and Frame

Available with a black metal frame in two distinct heights, the Hiroo bar chair meets the needs of diverse spaces and preferences. Whether you're outfitting a cozy breakfast nook or a lively bar area, the choice of height ensures that the chair fits seamlessly, echoing the chair's versatility and attention to detail.