Choose your own Seat, Color and Legs!

At Jesper Home we believe in comfort and design. And also that everyone has their own vision for a beautiful chair. That's why you can customise your own chair right here. Choose using the filters on the left side!

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Options, Options


Choosing can sometimes be difficult, but when it comes to your interior, most of us want to have some options. The best thing is to have control over the interior yourself and that is why we have a "Customize Your Chair" selection in which you choose what works.

Seat, color and frame

Ready, set, go: choose one of the seven seats and then determine the desired color. Finally, choose your favorite frame and the color and you have determined your own seat. The assembly is super easy so your chair is ready to sit in no time. Which seat do you choose? One with armrests, one with a notch in the back, or a diamond pattern. A yellow, or a nice gray. Lots of fun!